Need 5 refs on YourFreeVideoipods!?!

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16-06-2006 08:40:46

Okay here's my story I signed up for Freepay at first, then I realized I had 90 days to get all my creds in and getting refs was the hard part and also my so called 'friends' didn't believe me. So here I am on TRAINN trying to get 5 refs and I'm 0/5. I NEED SOME HELP! PLZ I'm DESPERATE FOR AN IPOD!!!!

Willing to do

Swaps or cash

Can't Do

Thank You D


16-06-2006 08:53:36

you posted this in the wrong section, needs to be in the "Trading" section


16-06-2006 09:14:13

i did say i was u wanna trade?

thanks, i posted in both forums...sorry mods,my mistake


16-06-2006 09:36:03

i've already signed up there