good idea for alan to do

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15-06-2006 10:17:18

hey alan can u make a topic in here and post what day r u on of acounts like u said u where approving acounts from the 5th yesterday. well can u keep us updated. and post what day ur on every day? )


15-06-2006 14:25:00

I bet asking him questions everyday dont help matters. He is pretty quick compared to other sites.


15-06-2006 15:52:25

well it wouldnt be that much trouble to type a day every day. look how fast i could do it, 8th 9th 10th 11th .............................


15-06-2006 17:18:01

[quoteba36a7a4cc]I bet asking him questions everyday dont help matters.[/quoteba36a7a4cc]

I agree. They're the best at approving consistently & quickly.

No need to worry; Trainn almost always checks accounts in less than 10 days.