2-Day Slimdown/20-Minute Facelift offers

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13-06-2006 13:37:38

Anybody done these?

I'm looking at doing another Triann site and am running out of offers I can do. I have avoided these 2 because they both use Momentum Direct as payment processors and ONLY take electronic checks as payment for the trial. No CC's accepted. Normally that's a great big red flag. How serious and professional can these sponsors be if they can't accept CC's? That's often a sign of past fraud or too many chargebacks and having their merchant account revoked by the CC companies or payment processors.

If a sponsor gets jiggy with my CC, I can dispute charges. Or use a virtual CC# and shut them off. But if I give a shady sponsor the keys to my checking account and they decide to hit me with an unexpected charge, that could cause serious problems. Like, grocery money and bill paying problems. And one not easily resolved, since your bank draft payments aren't protected like CC payments, and are a pain if not impossible to get reversed.

So I'm looking for people who've done these and whether you had any trouble with them? I'm still not sure I'll do them, but some feedback would help me decide.


13-06-2006 13:39:49

Even without the red flags, I would wonder if you'd get credit using this uncommon payment method.


13-06-2006 14:07:38

[quote3b30f3cf48="ilanbg"]Even without the red flags, I would wonder if you'd get credit using this uncommon payment method.[/quote3b30f3cf48]
Payment method really shouldn't matter for offer credit reporting, or I wouldn't think.

They're both reported by Trainn as being instant credit. Of course I've seen a lot of crediting lag with Trainn recently, so who knows.

I'm seeing a couple new offers on my current Trainn accounts that I haven't seen before, so I think I'll continue to dodge these. Still interested in hearing from anybody who's done them.


13-06-2006 15:50:16

I did the 2-day slimdown, and I did receive instant credit. Its been about 2 weeks and I haven't received any kind of e-mail confirmation or product however. I'm going to call their CS tomorrow.


16-06-2006 05:49:51

Has anyone else had experience with this company? I never even received their product in the mail. I'm trying to cancel but unsurprisingly they don't answer their phone number. I've also sent e-mails to a couple of different addresses.