Having trouble with offers crediting

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13-06-2006 06:37:12

This is my first Trainn site and I am hoping it will get better than it has so far.

I am not having the best luck with offer credits. So far Miricleburn, Ultima Patch, Celladerm Tanning, and Serenity have not given me credit. I am doing the point system and doing offers myself for an iPod.

Has anybody else had trouble with these offers crediting?


13-06-2006 14:36:56

Most of the paycom offers have not credited for any of my referals (


22-06-2006 06:21:23

I just got credit for two of the four missing credit offers that I submitted manual credit for.

I have two more offers that haven't credited yet. Sent manual credit in for them also. Hopefully they will credit soon so that I can submit for approval!