Does Trainn credit on weekends?

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11-06-2006 12:34:44

I'm wondering because I should have gotten credit yesterday, and I'm just wondering if I didn't only because it's a weekend.


11-06-2006 13:27:48

yes, but trainn crediting has not been so great to me lately...


11-06-2006 13:40:51



11-06-2006 14:49:19

yes they credit on weekends, and if you ever have a credit problem send them an e-mail... they fix it up real quick


11-06-2006 16:15:06

Still waiting on my last offer to credit... Already sent them an email about it.

I did this site based on everyone claiming how fast it was... I still haven't experienced it.


11-06-2006 16:35:17

yea.. these offers.. they never credit

someone did for me on yesterday, he did it correctly, got charged. and no credit.

plusnight- email who? where?


11-06-2006 18:54:48

Who do I email? How long do I have to wait before I email?


11-06-2006 19:19:33

[quote946cfc7805="i-ninja-u-dead"]Who do I email? How long do I have to wait before I email?[/quote946cfc7805]

You don't have to email anyone. You simply submit a no credit report ticket on the website with containing all of the appropriate information requested and it will be settled within 10 business days. If it takes any longer then you didn't end up supplying an adequate amount of information or your lead was not properly reported.


12-06-2006 15:06:38

The crediting has been weird for me. I have had 3 referrals from over a week ago that still have not posted credit but some new referrals (a few days) that already posted. They are doing the same offers. I just dont' get it. I know eventually they should all post but geesh.


12-06-2006 23:00:18

all but one credited relatively fast for me


13-06-2006 01:29:38

The accounts are credited as soon as the information is reported to us no matter when it occurs.


13-06-2006 18:30:18

ninja, remove that ref link from your sig, stat.

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