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07-06-2006 19:34:36

Lately I've been getting the impression that if a referral does not complete an offer or get any refs, they are allowed to register for the same site again(from emails and posts). Can someone tell me how that works?


07-06-2006 19:51:05

Yes, they can re-register as long as their account is not active. I would have the ref submit a support ticket to give them a heads up after they sign up again.


07-06-2006 19:54:43

But then what would happen? Does he have to wait until TRAINN replies? Can he use the same Email and address? It says they don't delete accounts.


07-06-2006 19:58:47

Trainn allows people to re-register. I would have him re-sign up, and just submit a support ticket to let them know that the new account is the one that is going to be active and the old one is not going to be active. He can do an offer when he signs up.


07-06-2006 20:01:11

ok +Karma


07-06-2006 21:12:15

He will have to use a different email, of course.