Hello Trainn people quick question

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06-06-2006 18:09:03

Hey , I'm currently in the process of a never ending process to be approved by Freepay, I got 10 refs for a 8 ref requirment for a 60 gig IPOD. I've been waiting since mid March for my ipod. I've grown very impatient with them and unsatisfied. I do however feel a bit dumb saying this. But almost my refs were friends from college whom i also introduced to freepay, yeah dumb huh? Anyways, i wanna head to a Trainn web site, i just wanted your full word that if i complete a train web site i will atleast get approved before the summer is over if all rules are followed as always? It just sucks to be ripped off after getting over the requirments and being kicked to the kirb. Thank you for your time.

Looking for a Ipod video pref 60 gig, but willing to go to 30 gig if it arrives faster?



06-06-2006 20:24:18

Trainn-Alan said a post way back when that they have a way of telling if you/your refs are in college. I'd submit a support ticket to give them a heads up though.


06-06-2006 20:46:34

Oh yeah, i got three friends from the same college, im not worried, i'm signed up for YFVI.

I'm set n ready =)