Shipping time to Canada?

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05-06-2006 07:16:29

I just placed an order for my very first freebie - 30GB Black Vid. iPod from FlashiPods4Free - so excited! Does anyone know the approximate shipping time to Canada?

Thanks everyone for the trades and advice that got me this far.


05-06-2006 11:06:08

Typically your order will be shipped within 10 days at which point Trainn will place the order for your iPod from either or and then the rest is up to them. I've had to wait up to 3 weeks before because Futureshop is slow sometimes and apparently orders were mixed up by them, not Trainn. Fortunately, Alan was very helpful and fixed it up ASAP and I had my iPod within a few days.

They do send priority mail for all orders, but the process time for the order and the amount of time it takes for the vendor (Futureshop or Bestbuy) to ship it out is all up to them. Congrats on your first freebie too!