Shipping Estimate question...

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02-06-2006 21:12:06

I recently ordered my $450 giftcard to GameStop from Trainn's site. I got a shipping estimate of May 31st. Is this a deadline, or just a guess? It is now June 3rd... should I issue a support e-mail or just be patient? When do you think I'll have the giftcard in-hand?


02-06-2006 21:45:00

Just wait it out, the shipping estimate is merely a generated date. It is 10 days after your order date and is just a placeholder really, because Trainn usually ships orders before that - but not always. Wait it out a few more days and if you don't see a change in status shoot them a support ticket and they'll fix it all up.


02-06-2006 21:58:20