Points or Referral System?

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01-06-2006 18:57:21

which do u prefer?

It just seems to me that the Point based are such a waste because the amount of points they require for you to do for one item, it more than the ammount that u and your referrals do in a Referral based system.


01-06-2006 20:16:10

guys, don't just vote, say why you voted for that particular choice


01-06-2006 20:51:54

I think referral is easier up to some extent but since most of trainn sites are completed by so many people, points might be the way to go at this point.


01-06-2006 20:57:24

Go refs in the site is fairley new. Otherwise, DIY sites have much of the same items with fewer offers (I beleive)


06-06-2006 11:08:58

I prefer ref but i think it would be cool if you could do more than one offer to reduce the number of refs you need.


06-06-2006 11:54:45

refs because I don't like change and that's what I've always done.


06-06-2006 12:39:07

I prefer referrals. As of now, Trainn doesn't have enough offers for a points site. I guess it depends on how many offers you have already completed though.