Tracking says Arrival will be June 5th!

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30-05-2006 17:43:34

Trainn and employees,

Much love, much love. It's been a painstaking process, but I'm finally at the end. I want to thank everyone who has helped me out and the amazing service at FlashIpods4Free.

So, if the arrival says June 5th, is there any chance of it arriving earlier?

If not, Monday is fine with me.


30-05-2006 20:14:33

Sometimes yes, sometimes now. I've seen it go from recieved to shipped, and sometimes it goes from recieved to their equivalent of "sent to vendor"

Don't even worry about it. Its generally sent before the estimated date.


30-05-2006 21:21:17

oh.. also needed that information.. My esitmated shipping time is June 9th. I will be Happy if i get it before then.. going out of town on the 9th


31-05-2006 12:01:02

Alright, thanks dude. +Karma for you.


31-05-2006 13:03:13

Wait, does that mean I'm going to have the item in my hands before June 8th?

If so, what's their average time after order placement? I placed the order May 29. If you could give me an estimate based on your experiences, I'd appreciate it.



31-05-2006 18:14:29

All orders go through the shipping process (Received -> Processing -> Shipping Soon -> Shipped). The middle processes though can be very quick and more often then not it goes through the process (Received to Shipped) within a hour or so of the first change.

The "we will notify you" part refers to the item being listed as "Shipped" on the order status page.



31-05-2006 18:18:05

Alright, thanks a lot Alan. I'm truly loving Trainn's customer service. How are the current shipping rates over there? Is everything running smoothly?

Anyway, +Kma for you.


01-06-2006 11:05:02

Oh sweet lord, it's been shipped!

Trainn, honestly, expect about 1000 new signups within the next few weeks because all of my friends are gonaa be swarming once they find out I proved them all wrong. I LOVE YOU!

More karma for you, Alan.