Flashipods4Free.. Just Placed Order.. First Freebie =)

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29-05-2006 22:25:59

First of all, I was on about 2 hours ago, deicded to go watch some TV, watched 2fast 2 furious.. and came back online to check up on my emails.
I was to reply to a pm here. and I while I was writing, something was strange in my sig.. Cuz The refs were 6/5, and now they were 5/5, I was pissed..

So I log in to the site.. And there I see this kid goes red.. But luckily I did 6/5.. So it really didn't matter. Anyways, I was pissed as is, and little did I know, I say a new option as "Place order Now".. I'm like HOLY SHIT!.. I clicked the link asap.. and put my info in.. Skip right through and hit "Place Order" for the Black 30GB Video iPod. With excitement, i imed everyone who was on and told them ;)

Here's the order Status

Date May 30, 2006

Order Status Received

Shipping Estimate Jun 9, 2006

Thanx Train! B.T.W. Are you guys shipping on/around the 9th, or am I expecting it to be on my doorsteps on/around the 9th?

Thanx again Train.


29-05-2006 22:51:16

I must say congrats dude! It's nice to hear a success story to give the rest of us hope.


29-05-2006 23:10:12

how long ago did you submit for approval?


30-05-2006 01:33:28

You'll get it wayyyy before the 9th.


30-05-2006 12:04:55

Same here dude! I logged on right before I was about to sleep and saw no change. About a minute later, I refreshed and I saw the option and I flipped out. I ran to my mom's room and scared the shit out of her. However, since I'm moving within the next few days, I was confused as to what address to put considering I don't know where we are moving, so it's shipping to my best friend's house. Either way...w000000ttttt

By the way, here's my timeline so far

Started Apr 30
Completed referals May 20
Submitted for approval May 20
Approved May 29
Est shipping June 8th
Excitement FUCK YEA
Friends proved wrong 26
Love for Trainn Ready for marriage


30-05-2006 13:44:09

what day did you sumbit for approval?


30-05-2006 15:12:54

I submitted for approval on Saturday, May 20.


30-05-2006 15:21:31

Here is my timeline. and thanx for the responses guys.

Started Apr 28
Completed referals May 22
Submitted for approval May 22
Approved May 29
Est shipping June 8th
Referral 5 approved out of 6. 1 went red.
Excitement FUCK YES!!!one! 111 one! !111

=) Some one said they shipped around the 9th.. Well i'll be happy if i get it this week ).. I heard they do 2 day shipping.


30-05-2006 16:18:46

Haha, dude, you started 2 days before and finished 2 days after me, and both of our statuses and pretty much everything are nearly the same. We're Trainn twins... shock


30-05-2006 16:25:27

Congrats! Looks like you guys could use my Trainn sig generator. It's a sticky at the top of this forum. D


30-05-2006 16:34:04

never saw it before. I was wondering if it was custom or trian does it to ppl he has the hots for )


01-06-2006 17:11:31

ok wow.. there was a tracking number today.. and yes, it was overnight. cant belive it. thanx train!!!!!1

so ill be waiting anxious tomorrow


01-06-2006 20:53:08

I sent mine for approval four days ago I hope it gets approved soon D