Approval on Sunday!!!

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28-05-2006 08:37:17

TRAINN is sweet. I have had support tickets answered over this holiday weekend along with getting approved for the PS3 (with the old requirements still).....Freepay doesn't do anything on any day...Let alone a holiday and your boys are pimps toast


28-05-2006 08:50:02

I got approved today too - Trainn rocks )


28-05-2006 12:40:20

When did you guys submit for approval?


28-05-2006 12:44:32



28-05-2006 14:57:04

I requested approval the day b4 the requirments for the PS3 went up...So that was the 17th as well )


29-05-2006 05:09:36

wait did i miss something... what are the new requirements....


29-05-2006 09:27:23

When sony announced that the 20 gig version of the ps3 would actually retail at 499 rather than 399 like expected, TRAINN upped the requirments for the base system from 8 to 12 I believe. They did the same thing freepay did, only they gave ppl working on the site a deadline to submit for a approval by to get in under the original requirements.

I believe the paypal options remained the same though.....