Missing Credit Request

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27-05-2006 15:59:20

I filed a missing credit request for the offer I signed up for on yourfreevideoipods.com. The offer (the stamps.com) one was supposed to credit within only a business day or two... and it's been over a week (around 7 business days as of Friday, I think). Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knows how long it should take since I submitted my request as soon as it let me after 7 days... but I accidently left off the heading from my e-mail since it didn't copy-paste from the e-mail since it was in a frame around the e-mail window itself? I stupidly didn't reread the page before I submitted. If it is rejected because of this will they just make it so I can resubmit it correctly? Just wondering. I know I had some drama getting into my account after I created it and signed up for the offer that was quickly resolved and I was wondering if this was correlated to that since others I've spoken to that dealt with this offer had no problems with credit. (


27-05-2006 17:57:49

Most of them are resolved within 10 business days.

You can open up a support ticket with the headers and we will be able to append that to the request.



28-05-2006 15:19:02

Yeah..don't forget the headers (which most webmail doesn't display by default) or they will not credit you. I just found out the hard way, and continue to wait for credit.


29-05-2006 23:07:08

Got my attention on this post. I just signed up on stamps.com and messed up and used the wrong credit card. It ended up rejecting but I am resolving directly with Stamps.com and it will be fixed tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to make sure this gets recorded with TRAINN.