3604free giftcard shipment question--multiple cards sent?

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i blame history

25-05-2006 09:17:16

i am not complaining at all, trust me.... but i just got my best buy gift card, and it is for $300... i did the 10 referrals for $450, though, and i was just wondering if i should be expecting another package witn $150? i checked the best buy website and the values they had were all smaller ones, and then 100, 200, 300, and 500. my first thought was that i should probably be expecting another envelope with a couple more cards totaling $150.... correct?


25-05-2006 11:47:12

Yes, this happens with Best Buy cards. The second package (containing a $50 and $100 card) should arrive within a day or two.


i blame history

25-05-2006 12:04:20

ah, thank you very much!


29-05-2006 19:13:13

Is this the case with all gift cards or just the ones from Best Buy?

Also, while I'm on the subject, is it possible for a Canadian to get a gift card? American gift cards don't work at their Candian counterparts, so this would cause a big problem. Also, is the value converted or is the card for the same amount, only in Canadian dollars?