Wow, I'm really excited about this...

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23-05-2006 17:35:56

I just submitted for approval (4/20) after a month or so of working on FlashIpods4Free, and I seriously could not be more excited. I've been telling my friends that these sites do indeed work and all that, and they all told me I wouldn't get past the first referal. I'll bet anything that they're all going to go home and sign up, haha. Anyway, seeing as I've submitted for approval on Saturday May 20, can anyone estimate how long it'll take to get approved? School ends June 16th and I really, really want to get it before then so I can rub it in their faces, but my hopes aren't up. I appreciate any feedback.

It's funny, I already have a 500 song playlist and a few hours of video ready for upload and I don't even have it yet. shrug

But I'm excited. woot

I hope everyything goes well. Can anybody tell me what I'd have to do if one of my referals is revoked? Let's hope I won't have to put the advice into practice...

Thank you.


23-05-2006 17:42:03

10 Business days for Approval is the norm I think. Not sure how long it takes them to ship though.


25-05-2006 12:10:53

nevermind, i'm dumb


29-05-2006 20:41:45

Just placed my order for my first freebie! I love you TRAINN!!!


29-05-2006 22:12:34

wow.. me too! check my sig..

"Shipping Estimate Jun 9, 2006"