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23-05-2006 12:39:04

hey Alan, ummm I've always always wanted to start your sites but I always find it impossible to get anyone to sign up considering how ugly your site userface is. The same people easily look at Freepay and OC and(mainly because of the user template) think it's legit.

I, and for sure others that don't trade for referrals, would find completly helpful if you did so. Make it something that'll really catch their eye, aesthetic and just plain convincing. Definitly make this one of your priorities.

I hope to be starting your sites soon......... wink


23-05-2006 13:06:34


I prefer the TRAINN interface to freepay. It looks so much more professional, clean, easy to look at and figure out what you're doing.

When I first saw freepay by the design alone I thought it was a scam, TRAINN looked way more professional.

i blame history

23-05-2006 13:41:47

i think the main site is very nice... simple and easy to look at. the main freepay page is kind of.... meh... if there were no scrolling images, it would be pretty nice.

as for product pages, i think trainn is just fine. lets face it, to almost everyone, a page that says "get _____ for free!" is going to look bad, no matter how well designed it is. thats how it was to me for a while, until i read up on some things. it took me joining a conga and actually getting something before anyone around me stopped telling me i was involved in a scam!


23-05-2006 14:55:52

well it doesn't make a difference to me, it does for people who are signing up under me.

GOOD NEWS quote directly from Alan over at a4f

[quotedc6625eab0]Already done, just waiting for the other aspects to be completed. It's something that has been in the works for about 4 months now.

In the next couple weeks, every site will see a makeover and it's definitely more appealing and user friendly to all who visit it.


still a couple weeks, but hey, it'll be worth it.


23-05-2006 20:01:24

i definitely prefer trainn interface to any other site interface.. it's very attractive and easy to navigate.


23-05-2006 21:02:49

To Each and their own I guess... I like the OC cover pages better then Trainn, but I like Trainn better then Freepay.


25-05-2006 12:14:49

i like trainn over all of them...


26-05-2006 15:46:21

The trainn site is easy to navigate but isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the Freepay sites. If Trainn will be remodeling I think noobs will think it looks far more legit.


26-05-2006 18:09:57

i disagree. i hate those horribly designed faces for referrals -- it looks like they were made in msPaint. i much prefer the two-check system used by trainn.

or maybe i just hate freepay because I know it's gonna take a year to get my free stuff.


26-05-2006 18:40:48

i agree that freepays sites are more flashy and attract more attention//newbs but i like how you can sign into trainns accounts ont eh front page


26-05-2006 20:39:26

I like Freepay's design much better, I advertise for my greens and many many more people complete an offer for freepay's site than for trainn's site. I think it's simply because the first page they take you to says to get your free blah start by completing an offer. For noobs trainn's site is probably more confusing.