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22-05-2006 15:17:48

This is my first site I started and it will be my first site that I finished. D I didn't really need that much help since I have really nice cousins and friends, which I am really blessed with. -) Here's my time line

Signed up May 5
Completed Offer May 5
Refer 5 people Completion/Requested Aapproval May 11
Approved May 22
Payment sent ? Hopefully soon

I opted for the $250 paypal. D In all, I only spent $6 for my offer and all my 5 friends spent a total of $15 COMBINED! Of course I'll be spliting up the $250 among 6 people... but its all good.


22-05-2006 15:20:27

congrats! woo woot. Maybe you want to post this in the brag bag section too?


22-05-2006 15:29:28

Yeah I'll brag about it once I receive the $$$ gg >)


24-05-2006 15:04:51

woot. Just received the $250 paypal!