College Dorm question

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21-05-2006 16:07:22

Hey, I know theres another topic about this, but it never recieved an official response from a Trainn rep.

I live at a college dorm, could I have my neighbor sign up under me? I know most sites this is a no no, but another user(compguru I think) said that Trainn had a way of determining if you were in a dorm or something. So whats the official word?


21-05-2006 16:22:36

Ya, that was me. I remember Trainn-Alan saying that in a thread somewhere. Your best bet it to submit a support ticket though.


22-05-2006 09:29:46

You should be fine. I completed desktopcomputers4free in a college dorm and didnt send in a support ticket. Received my paypal saturday )


22-05-2006 22:35:12

I have had no problem with either or FlashIPods. Both went through with zero rejections, and I had several people from my dorm sign up for both.

Just always make sure your referrals always use these three things
1. Different Computer
2. Different Credit Card
3. Different E-mail address

And you will pretty much always be fine.