Free Bidding

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20-05-2006 10:24:16

If you do for FreePay, it says you have to be a member for 45 days to receive your free gift. Is this true for trainn?


20-05-2006 10:26:44

I don't think so. It will tell you the requirments when you click on the offer.


21-05-2006 01:34:55

phew... it better not...

i dont think i can wait any longer for my giftcard! i need a 360!


21-05-2006 08:48:18

I just did this offer for some other site and it credit really fast. So I doubt you have to wait 45 days.


21-05-2006 08:53:41

Well it credits you almost instantly on FreePay sites too, but I think your credit will be revoked or something if you aren't a member after 45 days. I PM'd Jake about it, and he said that you do have to be a member 45 days to keep credit. I'm assuming TraInn isn't that gay about it.


21-05-2006 12:03:52

lol that site and all the other sites are such scammer sites.. 45 its not worth being a member for 45 days when u can do fusion cash or some other DIY for money site and get $20 just for the day trial.