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19-05-2006 12:14:15

Well I'm gonna probably be moving away next week and curently have Cable internet, and when i move I'm gonna have Dial-up. cry If im not mistaking its a dynamic ip compared to the static ip I have with Cable. My question is do I need to contact support to tell them about this,so they dont think i'm trying to fraud them?


19-05-2006 12:20:48

9 times out of 10 it won't matter but it doesn't hurt to be safe.


19-05-2006 15:11:21

You don't have a static IP with Cable either. Not unless you have a business account and paid extra for the static. At least I've never heard of a residential cable ISP that assigns statics.

Now granted, your dial-up will be MORE dynamic, i.e. it will change every time you connect rather than once every 1-2 weeks or whenever the DHCP lease expires on the cable connection.

Dynamic IP's are not a problem for freebie sites. Having the same IP across different accounts on the same site is a bigger problem, but one that sometimes can't be avoided since by the nature of dynamic IP's, somebody else will get the IP you used to have and possibly signup from it. All you can do if you get DQ'd in that case is open a support ticket and explain your ISP situation.