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18-05-2006 17:25:01

If you're doing a trainn site point style (DIY style), there are two website

hosting sites worth 120 and 140 points. Technically, couldn't you sign up for

these offers multiple times to host different domains? I called the tech

support for both of the sponsered sites and neither of them allow more than

one domain per hosting account.. so you would have to sign up multiple times

for multiple domains to host? Clue me in to if this would violate any rules,

because it seems pretty legit.


18-05-2006 17:50:35

It seems pretty obvious to me that that would be signing up multiple times to one offer, which is plainly forbidden... everywhere. Doesn't matter that you're hosting multiple domains any more than it would matter that you completed Hydroderm with 2 CC's and 2 different addresses. It's still the same offer.


18-05-2006 19:26:05

But since the webhosting doesn't offer more than 1 domain hosting, and you don't cancel, I don't really understand how this is a disadvantage to anyone. The webhosting company gets your money, Trainn gets their money, and you get your credit. The only reason that rule is there is not to piss of their advertisers, but this wouldn't piss anyone off... but I understand where you're coming from.