3604Free Paypal gift..any ideas???

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18-05-2006 13:58:17


I just started my 10 refs $415 Paypal and now have 5 refs, do you all think this is worth it? How long to get paid from the day I request cashout/ordered it?

Anyone who has done this before and git paid, please post your comments..thanks!

mr sparky

20-05-2006 15:33:39

I'm curious if paypal payments from trainn are subject to Paypal's fees, does anybody know? If so I'll probably go with the giftcard...


20-05-2006 15:51:21

I just got desktopcompter paypal for trainn...$500. there was a 14.85 fee. I think if you hav a premium account, there are no fees.


20-05-2006 16:16:55

you can request a check right? I wouldn't mind waiting like a week to avoid a $15 charge..


21-05-2006 01:23:24

if you're spending it on a 360, go with the giftcard... you get more $ and no extra charge