What's the deal?!? (Can't Access Account!) - RESOLVED! :)

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17-05-2006 20:07:14

I signed up under a referral for yourfreevideoipods.com and after I registered I went on and signed up for my offer. However, now that I check the e-mail for the account (I used the same for YFVI AND the offer I signed up for of course!) I have confirmation for signing up for the offer and everything but nothing from yourfreevideoipods.com. I then tried to log in and can't. I reset my password even though I was sure I remembered it and have not recieved the reset password. I'm using AOL e-mail so I made sure to check the Spam e-mail folder... but nothing. I then experimented on re-registering using the same name in case I hadn't completed signing up or something but sure enough my e-mail address IS in the computer. What's going to happen? I'm going to get credit for the offer, right?

I have found that I usually recieve mail in that account instantaneously... however there was one site where I always got a 24 hour delay. This had better be something like that (clogged up mail or something).


18-05-2006 13:20:57

I'm having the same problems, i've a relative who signed up for the same site, yourfreevideoipods.com, and the same happened. No email received (it's not in trash either), can't log in, no account found... but when trying to re-register, TRAINN says the account was already created, info in use, and the person who's ref link was used also seems the newly-created email, so he know's the account exists, 'cept it's not log-innable (sp?), what to do?


18-05-2006 13:27:04

AOL e-mail? Does that mean you signed up from an AOL ISP account?

Not sure about Trainn, but I know some sites disqualify signups through AOL due to AOL's proxy issues.

Not that I know that's your problem, but just giving you a warning to check the T&C before signing up from an AOL account.


18-05-2006 13:35:34

We have a cable modem at my house... my dad has gotten AOL for a reduced rate from this and runs it on the desktop. I don't let AOL touch my laptop...I just log in through the internet to check my AOL.com mail (I don't log in through the AOL program to use the internet, though). It's good to know that someone else is having problems and it's not just me! -X Hopefully they'll fix it soon! (Maybe there is something wrong with the mail server or whatever).

Coincidentally, my motherboard failed yesterday only shortly after I realized the problem while I was trying to find a way to log in. This is forcing me to use the desktop now... which is unfortunate (I don't use the AOL on the desktop either... this thing is so darn slow!!!) Anyways, that's completely unrelated, of course (luckily my harddrive is perfectly fine). This is the third time my motherboard has died. The truck from IBM came by today to pick it up. Some luck I'm having.


18-05-2006 13:38:14

Mine was Hotmail, so that shouldn't be a problem.


18-05-2006 13:51:16

Is anyone else having this problem... I can understand that if they're swamped with e-mails or something they can't respond... but there's no reason they couldn't but a note on their homepage that there is currently a delay!?! ?


18-05-2006 14:03:41

Everything is operating normally. You can submit an email request and we can assist you that way.



18-05-2006 14:07:40

I have submitted a request. Is it normal to not get any e-mails after registering? I registered... saw what I had earmarked, changed it, and went ahead and did an offer (clicked to the site from the banner on the site under my account). The person I referred says I show up on their list... but I can't log in (tried the password I'm positive I used and have now mailed away for a new password which has not arrived!)


18-05-2006 14:13:14

The welcome email is sent to each and every user automatically. If that didn't come then it's likely your service is either blocking the email or when you registered, the email address was mistyped.



18-05-2006 14:23:08

A) My e-mail address was typed correctly. I attempted to repeat the registration process using it again in case I hadn't completed the process and there was a step at the end. Nope, it said that address was already in the computer. It accepted my e-mail address the first time.

B) While I use AOL mail, I use AOL.com to check it and have turned filter controls off. I searched the Spam folder just in case any mail was directed there, but none was. Also, from talking to a few people I'm not the only one having trouble signing in/having passwords re-sent (I don't know if anyone else isn't getting the e-mail when they sign up). It does just seem to be new people with new accounts trying to log-in, though. The person whom I gave the referral has had no trouble logging into theirs.

I would really really suspect that it was AOL.com e-mail screwing everything up if it wasn't for the other person having problems with Hotmail. I remember doing a Coca-Cola offer thing earlier this year and every e-mail from them took at least 24 hours to hit my AOL e-mail... even though mail I sent to myself from another address only took a few minutes to reach my AOL Inbox. I'll double check again to make sure AOL isn't doing something... but according to Hasek Hotmail is having trouble too.


18-05-2006 16:25:23

I recieved a reply to the e-mail I sent them and they helped me out. Sorry I made such a fuss, but I was really worried! Thanks for the help! )