Level A vs. Level B (refferals)

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16-05-2006 21:28:25

ok.. so i get it theres level A offers and there are level B offers.

But when you do referrals, for example, what is the differance exactly?

I relize when working with points they are worth less points but when working with referals does a person need to complete 2 or more Level B offers or just one A or one B.. I havnt been able to find this clearly stated anywhere please help. thanks


16-05-2006 21:42:56

In order to complete "1 offer", you must do enough level B points to equal 50 points (or 125 on flashipods). So, if you do 1 level B offer worth 26 points, you still needs another 24 points to get 1 referral. In the points system, there are no A and B offers specifically.


17-05-2006 05:42:11

im still confused.. so there is still points when you choose to do refferals?
Thats what i clicked.. and its giving me level A and level B offers.. so in essence i have to do 2 or more level B offers and so do my referrals if no one does any level A offers..?


17-05-2006 06:02:53

There are only "points" for level B offers when you do referrals. This is to simply ensure you do enough offers to count as a credit. What you said is correct, you would have to do 2 or more level B offers if nobody is doing a level A offer. I think, however, there are some level B offers worth 50 points, in which case, you would only have to do one. (or 125 points if youre doing the flashipod site).


17-05-2006 16:18:18

sweet.. thanks.. one more question.. if a referral person chooses to do points based (DIY) as long as they do 50 points worth i get a credit correct?


17-05-2006 16:33:10

It's 125 points for FlashiPods4free.com and 50 points for everything else. The value of an offer is the same, it's just a different interval.