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13-05-2006 03:31:14

is there a list that lists out how many points for each offer? i don't want to sign up because i can get some cash out of it... How many offers on average do you have to do for the point system in order to order a PC?


13-05-2006 09:22:35

for the pcs they are 1000 points and each offer is about 26 points to 50 points


14-05-2006 05:21:19

Actually 1100 Points for the majority. I think the Mac is like 1300.


14-05-2006 14:10:12

that means its at least 20 offers?


15-05-2006 07:17:27

I did mine with 17 offers. Keep in mind also, I had previously done 5 or 6 offers for other sites and trades that I wasn't eligable for, so you may be able to cut it to 15 offers. I recently decided to take the 500 paypal because I can build a much better system for 500 than the systems offered. But if you have to go with one, take the Acer and up thte RAM by 512 and you've got yourself a system!


15-05-2006 20:36:14

alright cool