Brand New to Freebie Offers

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12-05-2006 23:12:13

I'm new and have never completed a Freebie offer before. I've decided that I want to attempt the FreeVideoIpod one by Transcendent Innovations... either the 30 GB or 60 GB one... so that's 5 or 8 referrals, right? Is this is a good one to do or is it hard to find people for a referral that aren't already registered there? Anyways, from what I understand I just find someone that needs a referral for this offer themselves... then once I'm signed up I can trade with other people by registering for their service (if it has offers of equivalent cost)? Thanks for your help. I always thought these were scams... hopefully that belief is wrong! )

The problem is that I don't remember if I ever registered for a freeipod service a long time ago a didn't follow up with it (before I had a credit card). Hopefully not... and if I did I was probably silly and used a fake address. I guess if I sign up and my e-mail is on record it would tell me, right?


13-05-2006 09:30:59

if you registered from before and didnt do any offers you can open another.


13-05-2006 15:50:12

These don't end with OOD, do they? Does each offer that someone does get scratched off the list for those that follow? Thanks.


13-05-2006 16:40:46

Only OC (Offercentric) has required OOD. Every user can see all the offers, no matter when they signed up.


13-05-2006 23:06:13

In case you already registered for the Video ipod register for the flashipod site and from there you can select the 30GB.

Welcome to the freebie scene!


14-05-2006 00:28:55

Rest assured these are not scams... I received my iPod Nano today!

Some hints go buy a Simon's card to do your offers with (set-value Visa gift cards) instead of your regular credit card... these cards can be purchased at any major mall.

Also, try and get something in return for your first sign-up... for instance, if you want to do YourFreeVideoiPod, look for somebody offering $20-$25 paypal for a referral. That way, you get to start your own site, and you get paid $25 for it!

Good luck, and welcome to the forums!


14-05-2006 16:16:57

Is there anyway to use the Paypal Debit option for these? Also, how many offers do you have to complete for the points option?


14-05-2006 16:41:08

If you have a PayPal debit card, I'd use that for offers. Just make sure you don't have a high PayPal balance.

The points option is probably 8-10 offers, I think.


14-05-2006 16:48:01

Why are some of the offers restricted... like is just for guys. What is up with that?


14-05-2006 17:12:19

Yea, thats kinda dumb. A dating site with all guys? Not appealing.


14-05-2006 17:18:19

It has guys and girls... I think it's free for both... so why do the only the guys get credit?

Also, I know it's suspicious if a bunch of your referrals do the same offers... but honestly some of those weight loss and beauty product offers look really sketch (you don't know the company's reputation)... and some of the known companies are world-renowned for being impossible to get out of (not a good feature even for a service you want for several years... everyone graduates from AOL eventually). So, say most people wanted a video service like Blockbuster or Netflix since it's summer and they have time for movies. Is TRAINN going to think that you walked all of them through it and that they didn't choose those on their own? I don't have any referrals yet (so this isn't an actual situation) but looking at the offers I think there are a couple that most people would choose if they had to pick just one...

Another question when giving someone a referral and you sign up for the points system do you have to do just one offer to give them credit or do you have to do a couple?