Approval taking unusually long?

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11-05-2006 14:59:13

I've been pending approval for over a week now on yfvi. Trainn has generally been pretty quick; it only took me three days the first time around.

Anyone else been waiting a while?


11-05-2006 16:33:51

I have read that someone had to wait 2 weeks to go approved.
Just bee little more patient ;)


11-05-2006 16:54:37

For any other network it wouldn't surprise me, but TI has been blazing fast lately.

Eh. shrug


11-05-2006 18:04:01

Don't worry about TI. You'll get approved in a Timely fasion.
I've always been approved in 5-15 days and each time after I was approved they shipped or sent the paypal right away.


11-05-2006 20:50:29

I got approved today, had to wait close to 2 weeks after one of my referrals got their credit revoked and did another offer.