do we have to be verified to get payment?

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10-05-2006 19:33:11

Hey guys

I was just curious...I had heard trainn is only sending paypal to verified accounts. I am not verified and don't really care to, so I am curious as I'm almost done with desktopcomputer4free and want to know if I need to verify or figure something else out


and the reasons for not verifying are basically because I don't want people disputing dumb shit (i've heard horror stories about this on ebay and other places and a lot of people on this place worry me) and f'ing with my real bank accnt.

I mean I keep well over 200 at all times in my paypal thats unverified I just don't like the idea of linking my bank info


10-05-2006 19:37:00

You could request a check if you don't mind a bit of delay.

You can verify by adding an empty prepaid card to your account. (I don't know if this will work, but it might.)


10-05-2006 19:46:35

what kind of prepaid? I tried searching that and didn't come up with anything


10-05-2006 20:04:20

Don't worry about it just get it verified. Paypal won't touch your bank account, they just put your account in the negatives


10-05-2006 20:16:43

but the question they send to unverified? I got a payment from them not long ago and there was no problem. Just was curious if this has changed or not (someone told me they heard this)


10-05-2006 20:20:10

I think it depends. They start by paying from they're paypal, but when that's depleted they send from their credit card, which requires verified.

So you might get lucky, but maybe not.

Just request a check and avoid the hassle and the fees.


11-05-2006 05:43:21

i'm actually looking into purchasing something with the paypal paypal would be easiest

i'm gonna look into this verifying thing today...make a decision


11-05-2006 10:41:04

it's really not a big deal having it linked to your bank account.. paypal's secure


11-05-2006 11:31:23

They send it to you via a credit card payment. You do need a premier account which I believe requires verification.

mr sparky

12-05-2006 00:23:16

Does that mean we have to pay the fee from Paypal? When I get payments from ordercash4free, there is no fee...