How long does manual credit take?

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08-05-2006 06:39:30

How long does manual credit actually usually take from the time you request it? I am waiting for manual credit on two different trainn sites and was curious.

i blame history

08-05-2006 07:17:55

well, my boyfriend submitted for manual credit on april 24th, and he got credit on may 5th. im sure for some it takes less time, and for others it takes more... just an example, though. trainn is good, even if it takes a while. i still trust them.


09-05-2006 09:06:07

Starting to lose patience myself. Submitted my manual credit request after patiently waiting the 7 days, it's now been 10 days awaiting manual credit request, the longest time they state it should take to receive manual credit....nothing yet.

And yes, I submitted the required information (Confirmation e-mail(s) with complete headers with all received-by lines etc etc etc) and completed my obligations of the offer.

I opened a ticket inquiring why it has not been approved but thus far no answer to that either. I think TRAINN went on vacation or something, really starting to lose my faith/interest in this free stuff lately.


09-05-2006 12:10:05

10 bus days (2 weeks)

If you completed an offer properly you'll get credit Mirlen.
TRAINN is pretty good about that.


09-05-2006 12:11:59

It's 10 business days from the time you submit the request. This information is stated on the missing credit request confirmation page AND the confirmation email you received when submitting a request.



09-05-2006 15:18:09

I love Trainn. It's the first site that manual credit actually worked for me.


10-05-2006 08:20:14

Sorry Alan, just a bit frustrated. Two of my MCR's have gone thru thus far, just waiting for one more. I think I'm mostly frustrated that all three of them took manual credit requests to get credit for more than the time it took to GET the credit.