Just placed FlashiPods4free order! First Freebie!

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03-05-2006 21:17:11

I just placed my order for a 30GB iPod Video (Black) today! I'm very excited as this is my first freebie because I've always been a skeptic of freebie sites until I tried it myself.

Got scammed 3 times on FiPG for a total of $70 in losses, but I had a couple of friends that signed up under me for free so that made up for it.

I see my estimated shipping date of May 13th, does anyone have any time frames from when they ordered until they received their iPod on FlashiPods4free? Thanks.


03-05-2006 23:37:05

congrats, you're going to love that ipod!


04-05-2006 18:54:49

first freebie has to be an ipod, there's something about having an expensive piece of equipment like that for no money that really opens your mind.


07-05-2006 16:10:53

i am in almost exactly the same situation, except i got an ipod nano instead of the 30gb


11-05-2006 21:24:23

Damn, missed the UPS guy by 30 minutes today (.

The thing is, when I entered the tracking number on my computer, I saw that my iPod was shipped Next Day Air, thanks Trainn!


13-05-2006 21:14:14

Hey what is your timeline from start to finish? I'm seeing if this should be my FIRST site.


13-05-2006 22:54:56

Submitted for approval 4/15 (Saturday)
Approved 4/25 (Tuesday)
Ordered 5/3
Received 5/11 (Well, 5/12 since I missed the UPS guy the day before)


13-05-2006 23:03:48

=) Awesome! My first freebie was from a trainn site as well.
Feels great and rewarding when you get that sucker.

I missed the 3 ups drop offs so I had to drive to their distribution
center and get it...didn't mind that at all. Just wish I coulda been
home to nab it when they came to deliver.


21-05-2006 01:36:00

trainn > freepay


21-05-2006 02:42:23

[quotecfda117b48="plusnightlife"]trainn > freepay[/quotecfda117b48]

Big time


22-05-2006 15:15:51

[quoteec85350bd8="menikmati"]Submitted for approval 4/15 (Saturday)
Approved 4/25 (Tuesday)
Ordered 5/3
Received 5/11 (Well, 5/12 since I missed the UPS guy the day before)[/quoteec85350bd8]

Hey I requested approval yesterday for a 30gb Video iPod.

Had a question..

I see that you "ordered" it on the 5/3.. but were you able to order it when it was approved? what happens if it approves? what are your options?


22-05-2006 15:37:55

It just said "approved," no option to click until on 5/3 it let me "Place Order."