Train crediting down the drain!

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03-05-2006 13:35:12

WOW this is amazing I just had to rant 4 offers on dvdrecorders not have credited. Amazing! Im never going to be able to finish this site. 3 missing credit over a month ago filed; nothing. Had to do 3 other offers now one of them has no credited!! Offers in quesiton are; Interland, Autovantage, Green-Tea lite; now the one I completed yet to credit PC Safety Plus. Anyone else having problems with these offers or there time to credit. Im most interested in crediting time for PC Saftey Plus.


03-05-2006 13:39:03

[quote9caa8f0bd6="zwarrior99"] 3 missing credit over a month ago filed; nothing. [/quote9caa8f0bd6]

If that is indeed true, then there is likely something holding those up, because it should not take more then 10 business days (give or take a day or two). Please have your referrals contact us for additional information.



03-05-2006 13:55:27

no im doing your site via; points.


03-05-2006 13:56:55

[quote2f5055a157="zwarrior99"]no im doing your site via; points.[/quote2f5055a157]

Then you can submit the request for additional information and we'll be glad to let you know.



03-05-2006 14:01:37

ok thanks for the speedy response already opened up a support ticket.


03-05-2006 15:33:09

I've done 4 offers on trainn sites within the last 4 days, all have been credited within a day or so... Maybe you just have bad luck =S


03-05-2006 17:08:47

I'm in the same boat. I'm doing the desktop points site, and at first everything was going smoothly and crediting. Then it seemed like I hit a wall with real rhapsody, keen, tickle, and a few others. I sent in missing request tickets with headers and its been more than a week.


03-05-2006 18:12:47

I was giving Trainn a bit of a hard time recently because I noticed a slowdown in crediting too. But everything did come through eventually. The last 3 Trainn NBD offers I've done (in the last few weeks) have credited within 1-3 days.


04-05-2006 11:17:51

Missing Credit Requests

Date Advertiser Status
Apr 29, 2006 Received
Apr 30, 2006 Received
May 1, 2006 IQ Received

No credit for these yet lisighli litwiddleli Sucks 'cause they're holding up all my FreePay trades...


04-05-2006 15:15:37

Bargain and Tickle are giving me a hard time as well and it was the same timeframe.


05-05-2006 15:59:21

finally got credit!! omg now i got extra points.. Ohh well lol maybe the extra points expedite shipping? lol


06-05-2006 06:18:31

ok Train made up for the delay in crediting! placed order yesterday friday 5/5 recieved the paypal today saturday 5/6!


06-05-2006 10:28:01

Wish it was the same here litwiddleli