UCHalf nano status

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03-05-2006 06:52:40

My ref link started on UCHalf May 2nd and is going until May 6th..so far 1 yellow.
I'll keep this updated.


03-05-2006 12:32:09

cool, good luck with that. I have a ref link that is supposed to start on may 10th so I'm hoping I get some good success


03-05-2006 17:38:31

man I think Trainn isn't crediting or something, because I only got 5 yellows while I was on the LCD and no greens (so far). Kind of disappointing, since they finished my Flash and Video ipods...


03-05-2006 17:43:29

[quote6d8abc9b61="Rewman"]man I think Trainn isn't crediting or something[/quote6d8abc9b61]

We credit everything that reports to us.



03-05-2006 17:43:44

In the last 4 days I have done 3 offers on Trainn sites and all credited instantly or the next day


03-05-2006 17:55:55

[quote8a813e32a9="Excel"]In the last 4 days I have done 3 offers on Trainn sites and all credited instantly or the next day[/quote8a813e32a9]

Would you mind PMing the offers you did?
I want a good spot for the UCHalf PS3 site...and 2 weeks for manual is a really long time.

Thanks Excel.

Re Train-Alan.
I'm certain that you do once I submit for manual credit, but for some reason I'm having a hard time going green with the automated system that you have in place.


04-05-2006 02:30:00

update 2 yellows 0 green (


04-05-2006 18:10:51

another update..things finally starting to move D ... 4yellows and 2 greens.Got 2 full days left and 3 refferals to go so it looks possible.


04-05-2006 18:50:54

Good it to know it's working, I'm about to start flash ipods with Trainn, I guess I'll give UCHalf a try.


Thanks for the PM gty, ok registered and completed an offer, hopefully it will green soon!


05-05-2006 16:41:36

Another update. 6yellows and 4 greens D and got 1 more full day to go..so it looks promising...Definetly glad I tried uchalf...seems to speed up alot toward the weekend though I think that would be the ideal time slot to have...can't wait for my ps3 link to start.


05-05-2006 20:39:53

I go up on May 27th for the flashipods. I'm pumped! I love UCHalf!


05-05-2006 21:14:24

When did you register for flashipods, burritopunk?


05-05-2006 21:52:58

They just approved me today (May 5th)


06-05-2006 09:03:32

Wow, I'm impressed it is working so well for you. Good to hear. I'm even more excited for my video ipod link to start on the 10th


07-05-2006 13:33:38

New way of getting Listed on UCHalf!

I just got the following e-mail
[quote0aa94b4e06] Thanks to a suggestion by one of our members we've implemented a new way of getting listed on UCHalf!

Complete an offer on one UCHalf site and get listed on any UCHalf site you want!

For example If you want a listing for Nano ipods site (but you already registered) simply sign up for our PS3 site, go green, and submit your info using our new forms at the bottom of the page. Once we confirm that you've gone green we will list your referral link for ipod nanos! As long as you have a corresponding green on one of our UCHalf sites you can get listed on any UCHalf site you want![/quote0aa94b4e06]

This is just TOO AWESOME!!!!!!!
(I know I just posted this in the other thread, but man this is exciting news! I can't wait till they release the Xbox site, I'll have my PS3 and Xbox greens used towards the xbox site, DOUBLE LISTAGE!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!


08-05-2006 16:16:32

I signed up for ps3.. now just waiting to get approved.


16-05-2006 15:13:29

WOW just WOW.

Ok I think I mentioned that I was listed for UCHalf LCD...but was fairly disappointed (I got 5 yellows an 0 greens) A week later two yellow turned green, so I was ok with that. But seriously this was nothing compared to the iPod nano (finishing it in one day!) or Video ipod, 6 greens..

Well I check my status today...Even I don't believe this, check it out!

[img73993ff580]http/" alt=""/img392.imageshack.us/img="392/4006/lcdstatus1yc.th.jpg[" alt=""/img73993ff580][=http//img="392.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lcdstatus1yc.jpg][img73993ff580]http/" alt=""/img392.imageshack.us/img="392/4006/lcdstatus1yc.th.jpg[" alt=""/img73993ff580]

I got a few greens before I was listed, and once April 20th hit, it was my time to shine...and wow! All 5 went green!!

SO SICK! I even upgraded to the 19" instead of 17 -) Only one more referral

Have to say it one more time...Thanks UCHALF!!!

edit X'd out my ref link from image as requested.