the MyInks offer

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02-05-2006 08:07:05

Hey does anyone know if we must purchase ink on this or can we purchase other stuff (like cd-rs and such)

I'll gladly spend $35 for my own offer and some blank cds and dvds

and secondly, can we use paypal.

edit i just checked and they have the worst selection of stuff other than ink...


02-05-2006 08:51:24

well I just did it and credit was definitely not instant



02-05-2006 09:11:11

I got credit after 24hrs,it isnt instant
Good luck


02-05-2006 10:49:12

credited! not bad at all

I used paypal too so no need for a credit card. Very convienant. I ended up buying a bunch of paper and blank cds.


02-05-2006 14:22:05

I wanted the blank dvd-rs and the t-shirt transfers or a pen drive... there all out of stock (