HP Pavilion a1224n no longer available?????

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29-04-2006 07:29:00

If you check any online stores they say that the HP Pavilion a1224n is no longer available!!!!!

This is the PC i was going for on desktopcomputer4free...total bummer

anyone know anything about this?


29-04-2006 08:37:13

They're possibly updating? Who knows. Go for the Acer, it's faster 8)


29-04-2006 10:45:18

N/M, the 1224 is still available, it's just not on the main cover page.

But like I said, double the RAM in that Acer and you've got a faster hard drive and processor.


29-04-2006 11:51:22

they're both 7200 SATA harddrives


29-04-2006 12:13:54

Acer is still in business? wow... what's next? Packard Bell?


29-04-2006 16:14:47

How many refs do u need for the Desktops offers? & how many for the money?


29-04-2006 22:53:27

12 for computers and cash

13 for the mac mini


30-04-2006 01:29:11

Wasn't Packard Bell bought out by HP? Either way, I think I'm gonna get the acer. AMDs are better than Intels, plus the disk space and other features. Like he said, all you really need to add is an upgrade to 2 gigs of RAM, which you could do at freecomputeraddons and a good graphics card, which you could also do here or from newegg.com.


30-04-2006 10:20:35

This might be in the wrong forum, but if I got that Acer, would I have a problem gutting it and putting it in a new case?


01-05-2006 00:52:25

There are a couple still available, but they are on a first order/first ship basis. After that one is gone, the S7320N will likely replace it.