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27-04-2006 07:56:28

Hello everybody, does anybody know about the paypal process/timeline with the Trainn network? I just completed their YFVI site and wanted to know when could I expect the paypal. Also, FYI, my status went straight to the order screen, so I guess I was instantly approved. 8) 8)


27-04-2006 10:55:42

It took me about 3 days to get the payment. They seem to pay with a credit card so you'll need a premier account.


27-04-2006 14:29:11

Does the paypal premier account cost an extra fee? Also, how much would paypal take out of the $300?

wink 8) wink


27-04-2006 15:02:21

It costs an extra fee when you are getting payed - I cant rememebr how much they take though...not tooo much


27-04-2006 22:41:10

About 3%.