IP Question for Different sites.

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26-04-2006 23:59:51

Quick Question.

One of my friends wants to register under me for PS3, the other wants to register under me for LCD, but they only have one computer at their appartment. Would it be ok? Since there are two different names, accounts etc from the same IP?


27-04-2006 00:36:36

that's fine. Each household can have 1 account at each site.


27-04-2006 01:31:15

awesome! Thanks!

edit My friend just did (it's 12 am ish) the Stamps.com offer, does stamps credit consistently? How long will it take (avg)?


27-04-2006 16:04:12

Definatly isn't instant Apr 22, 2006 Stamps.com Pending


27-04-2006 17:05:27

Is True.com? (My other friend wants to do True)


27-04-2006 17:27:10

I haven't done True.com, yet.