guarantee a ps3

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25-04-2006 08:49:10

will you guarantee a ps3 by a certain cutoff date like you guys did with the xbox 360


08-05-2006 23:03:16



09-05-2006 00:19:32

There will be no guarantee on this one as we do not have a final number of systems for launch. Besides, by the time we do get one, the number will have likely already been eclipsed.


11-05-2006 15:18:07

Yea I don't blame them for not throwing a garuntee on that. There's no way anyone could garuntee such a thing. That stuff all lays in the hands of Sony and only Sony.

Just look at the xbox 360 fiasco (that we all want to avoid with the ps3's)


18-05-2006 21:52:22

Dunno if this has been covered but, is the number of referrals the same, 8 for the system, for getting a PS3, considering they released the retail price of the system. Also, can you choose the better version, with the larger Harddrive.


18-05-2006 22:02:39

They changed it recently. I think its 12 now?