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24-04-2006 19:05:59

I wanted to know if anybody has been auto-approved on any of Trainn's network of sites? I finished Trainn's YFVI's a week and a half ago and one of my referrals got their credit rejected. I wanted to know if I get my last referral, will I be auto-approved, since the other five, I assume where ok and ready to be approved? 8) 8)

special k

24-04-2006 19:29:44

Happened to me once but I think that was a certain situation, not very sure.


24-04-2006 20:15:18

weird, never heard of that. Pretty cool though, quick approvals are a definite plus.


24-04-2006 20:49:48

It is still in testing so the availability is limited, but the auto approval is random based on a number of account variables.