Double Crediting

Live forum:


21-04-2006 20:25:15

I just got credited twice in a two day period for the same offer on and my friend got credited for AOL twice as well as StarClub...just an FYI for everyone that this might be going on tonight.


21-04-2006 21:20:12

Last week they had a problem with the crediting too, it gave a whole bunch of random credits out. shrug


21-04-2006 23:17:30

maybe those extra greens belong to my refs. i have two refs who's missing greens. heeee


21-04-2006 23:21:43

happened to me too with the cortiban offer.


22-04-2006 23:19:00

happen to me also, i put in a ticket about it to let them know


30-04-2006 12:55:38

I wish mine double credited. Only TRAINN offer I've had go thru so far is Blockbuster... ( At least TRAINN has a 7 day wait instead of 14 days, of course who knows how long it'll take for the manual credit process... -/


01-05-2006 14:09:18

Earthlink and Tickle IQ, both have yet to credit despite being instant. I sent in the support ticket but its just a hassle having to wait.