What are my chances for a misunderstanding?

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20-04-2006 00:43:37

Hello everyone, I've been remiss in my dilemma with Trainn because of school; homework, tests, PROM especially. I made a similar post here http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=35950[]http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=35950.
Thanks to some users' responses, I've found out why my status is the way it is. When I started the Trainn sites, I was a budding newbie to the freebie scene. I asked two of my good friends Ryan and Jamie to help me get some referrals because I always let them copy my homework (dishonest I know D). Anyway, they pulled through and found people to do my site. After Rita hit, my account was put on hold (stated on the other post). [b2fa79cb58e]Arti[/b2fa79cb58e] suggested that I spammed, so I questioned both my friends about how they got my referrals. Jamie said she posted my link on her Xanga, while Ryan said he posted my link as comments on Xanga. So, through (obvious) deduction, I'm guessing that some unhappy Xanga users reported my link for spamming. My question is, how good, or bad, are my chances of correcting this mistake? Will Alan forgive me for what happened? Yes, I know it was my fault for not tellling my friends not to randomly post my link, but I was just starting out. I'm sorry if my post is breaking the rules, and that I made a new post instead of continuing on my old one. I didn't want to bump an old topic up because people aren't fond of that. If you could shed some light on my predicament, I'd appreciate it.

I'm an honest guy, I've already gotten a PSP from Freepay, an iPod nano from GiftFiesta, and I just completed the iPod Video site on GiftFiesta which is shipping out this Friday.

Thank you for your time.


20-04-2006 01:25:14

All I can say is Good luck.

But that is spamming, and I hate when people do that...


20-04-2006 04:02:31

You being honest doesn't have anything to do with it, you spammed.


20-04-2006 05:10:14

I'm assuming the "spamming" offense here would be posting links in comments on random peoples' blogs, right? Because a person posting a link on their OWN blog would not be spamming. I hope people aren't complaining about seeing a blog owner's ref link and getting them DQ'd for it...


21-04-2006 07:39:15

seriously, I just laugh whenever I see a ref link ANYWHERE unless it's in my fipg inbox. I dunno why, i just do.