Referral rejection

Live forum:


19-04-2006 20:55:35

One of my referrals (a friend of mine, and no, he didn't sign up here, or anything like that) got rejected at Trainn's YFVI.

Can he do another offer and have that count for me? Or is his account permanently on hold?


19-04-2006 21:01:02

I think if they just revoke his credit (No Red X in his box) he can just complete another offer, as that means his credit was revoked. You'll have to ask Trainn directly if there is a red X in his box.


19-04-2006 21:03:10

They just removed the check from his Completed Offer box.


19-04-2006 21:07:20

Okay, then he's not on hold. That means he got his credit revoked for some reason (possibly doing an offer more than once). He can go ahead and do another offer. D


19-04-2006 21:14:27

He doesn't do too much with free sites, but I have no clue what offer he did.

I'll just tell him to do another offer.