10-days after manual credit request

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19-04-2006 11:08:28

Monday was 10 business days since I placed a manual credit request for FreeServers on YFVI. I still haven't received credit. I opened a support ticket, even though it says not to do that. Is there anything else I can do at this point or do I just keep waiting?

Incidently, this is the only one of several offers I've done for this site that I'm still waiting to get credit for, so my opinion of TRAINN remains high.


19-04-2006 11:18:52

good luck I have 3 missing credits 1 is at 16 the other 2 at 15 days. I had one that credited after a month of service (aol) . So yea all we can do is wait; those 3 missing offers is what is preventing me from getting my $400.


21-04-2006 10:36:14

i have 3 pending offers 2 of which have been waiting for over a week now..


21-04-2006 17:26:50

yeah i waited 21 days and did another offer. the next day that original offer credited.
they may get behind but as long as you have the confirmation emails you should not have a problem.
lucky thing is that with trainn there is no time limit, though it still sucks to wait