What happens when an "instant" credit is not insta

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17-04-2006 18:53:03

I browsed around this Trainn folder and see that there are many issues/concerns with crediting. My question is a little more specific.

My cousin did the blockbuster in the "instant credit" section. She didn't get credit. It's about two days. She submitted a ticket, but I think it generated an automatic response that she has to wait 15 days to ask. So, for an instant credit, you also have to wait 15 days?? I thought the whole "waiting" time was to let time for the credit to show to make sure there really is a problem before doing manual credit... however, if its suppose to be an instant credit, doesn't this already prove that there is a problem?

Her computer kicked her off right after she finished that offer. I'm not sure if this is the problem. However, she did receive confirmation and a charge from blockbuster. So, apparently it went through.

Should she submit another support ticket or should I contact a rep here concerning the instant credit?


17-04-2006 19:05:34

It's a standard 7 day wait to submit for manual credit regardless of the usual reporting time.



17-04-2006 19:13:34

wow that was a fast response. Thanks for the quick response! I will give her the information.