Not recieving product on estimated ship date?

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special k

17-04-2006 18:00:44

Should I be worried, Im really not but all Ive heard is people getting it before or on the ship date. Just asking if anybody else recieves it 2-3 days after.


17-04-2006 18:02:33

No, it is just the estimate. Just as it could arrive early, it's also possible to arrive after that date.



17-04-2006 18:09:50

wat he said ^ its jus 10 days after u place ur order


17-04-2006 19:11:30

well i got mine a whole week before the estimated date along with many others in early march so hope for the same luck as me.


17-04-2006 19:47:54

yeah I'm actually having the same problem, the shipping estimate was the 16th for me for flashipods (and the 16th was Easter.. go figure). A lot of ppl have told me that I'd receive it today which is one day after the shipping date but I still haven't and my status hasn't changed either. Oh well I'm still waiting. Good luck with yours


17-04-2006 21:22:24

Took me two weeks after my estimated shipping date to receive mine, just be patient.

special k

18-04-2006 07:48:35

[quote4e40d0fbb5="UberVash"]Took me two weeks after my estimated shipping date to receive mine, just be patient.[/quote4e40d0fbb5]
Yeah thats what I figured, just being sure because my only other freebie was an ipod from freepay a while back and they were quick with that. Maybe Ill get it today and Ill be sure to post pics.