Weird problem on YFVI

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17-04-2006 17:06:49

I had all 5 of my referrals for a 30GB iPod, so I submitted for approval. After like a week, I checked my account and one of my referral's offer completion checkbox went blank. It didn't go red though. Then I just went ahead and got another referral. So I checked my account and that first referral was green again and now I had 6 referrals. So I changed my gift to the $300 Paypal and submitted for approval again. I checked today and again the first referral's offer completion checkbox went blank and I have 5 referrals again. I tried to contact customer service with their contact form, but every time I try to submit, it gives me an error (Error- Not Sent. Try Again.). I just sent Alan a PM, but I don't know how quickly I will get a response with that.

What should I do?


17-04-2006 17:42:46

The situation was a result of the described incident in the thread below


Here's the official word though.

[ia081c1b15f]Due to a system error during a software upgrade on April 15th, a number of credits were improperly posted to the system. At that time, a number of accounts had displayed incorrect account information (such as offer credits).

If you or your referrals were or are expecting expecting account credits, you do not need to worry as no live credits were effected or delayed as the information posted was old data.

We are in the process of removing all of the errant information[/ia081c1b15f] ([ba081c1b15f]The only sites that still has some incorrect data is FlashiPods4free and 3604free[/ba081c1b15f]) [ia081c1b15f]and will have the process completed by the end of the day (4/17).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.[/ia081c1b15f]