Submitting for Approval a Second Time?

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15-04-2006 11:32:44

Can anyone fill me in on this scenario. On, I submitted for approval for $300 Paypal after getting 6 refs. It took about 7 days for the status to change, and they knocked 2 of my referrals to red status.

So today I finally made up those two referrals and requested approval again. Any chance my wait time will be shorter or do you suspect it will take the same amount of time, about 7 days, for anything to happen?

Thanks for the help!

special k

15-04-2006 12:37:36

I went through almost the same thing but I had 7/6 2 went red and one of my earlier refs went green. I didnt have to go through the approval again for some reason, I just got to place my order. Maybe because the referral that went green was checked on in the process and saw it was legit and than went green.