Crediting Problems?

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15-04-2006 09:29:46

I too have to agree that Trainn is having major crediting problems.

However, my issue is quite the opposit of what you think it would be. Today, I logged into my GMail account and saw 5, yes 5, emails for offer completions. Those were for the DVDRecorders4Free site that I completed over a month ago. lol So, my total amount of offer completions on that site is now 9 offers. shock

Funny thing is, I never did/requested credit for those 5 offers. Maybe thery're someone elses? ;)

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15-04-2006 09:46:01

I also got an email today about an offer that I completed ages ago...I thought it was strange, but whatever.


15-04-2006 09:50:31

I just IMed a friend and he says he got credited too. Really weird. shrug


15-04-2006 10:37:31

Same thing with me.

AND it's an offer that they dis-credited.

15-04-2006 10:38:38

Same deal with me =\
I was actually going to post a thread about it, but I had to leave. I got credited for a bunch of offers I'd never even clicked, and duplicate credited for offers I had done.



15-04-2006 12:42:31

A system upgrade had an undesired effect and erroneously sent out emails and updated accounts, but we're working on removing all the invalid information.



15-04-2006 15:06:46

Did that update affect people who completed offers today. One of my referrals completed and it hasn't come through yet.


15-04-2006 15:36:36

No, the crediting of new offers was not effected.

What had happened is the system reprocessed everything (from the company's inception) again and it resulted in resending email confirmations and some duplicate listings. We're going through the 10's of thousands of records and removing them so by the end of the weekend, the duplicate listings will be removed and some new (backend) tracking features will go live.