checking my status from my phone?

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14-04-2006 00:23:08

Hi, I was wandering if checking my account status via the WAP browser on my cell phone. Breacks trainns TOS?


14-04-2006 01:29:25

Since you are just logging in that is fine. Infact, there will soon be a feature rolled out that promotes such activity.


14-04-2006 09:33:08

Cool thanks.


24-04-2006 01:04:13

The feature you are mentioning, will it be an actuall WAP page or something like the java app that ebay has? I'm asking cause my razr is very annoying when it comes to its browser going to most mobile pages and I would really like to take advantage of this service when it become available.



24-04-2006 13:11:08

can you login on a friends computer who is signed up under you?


24-04-2006 13:12:28

MarcHart, that's probably a VERY bad idea.