Desktop PC points?

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13-04-2006 09:32:55

Before I sign up for this offer, I was curious as to how many points are required for the Acer desktop PC model. I did a search and could only find it in the amount of Refs (12). Thanks!


13-04-2006 09:39:51

Not sure how many points but you would be better off takeing the $500 paypal and thenuseing it to buy a computer you would get a better one.


13-04-2006 09:51:35

I was thinking that as well, but the Acer has pretty good specs. I have a new graphics card I can throw in it, and some extra ram. It got great ratings on newegg as well. I figure even if I pay for referrals at $20 each, it's only $240 dollars for a computer. But if I can do offers myself, it would be ideal.


13-04-2006 20:35:35

I happen to be doing the desktop pc site as points, actually all but 1 of my Trainn site are being done as points and all the options, save the Apple, are 1100 points. The apple is a little over 1200, I think.

I also want to upgrade the RAM on the acer, the Upgrades Traxio site has 2GB ram as a gift option, excellent for playing GuildWars and FireFox at the same time without serious lagg.

Another interesting thing is that the points on this site are less than those for the platinum xbox360 site, which are like 1250 or something. I'll be working on that one later. Hope this info helps.


14-04-2006 00:07:12

Thanks for the input, +karma for you. It's really interesting that a 2 gb ipod nano is about just as many points as these computers.


14-04-2006 00:13:47

No problem, glad I could help. Now I just wish I could get 2 people to do my GF site. I really want this done by Tuesday at the latest and I don't like putting trades up on A4F.

Good luck with your site, burritopunk.